Friday, May 25, 2007

Idol's Replacement is back!

With the finale of American Idol this week, Fox gives way to its summer fill-in 'So You Think You can Dance'. Season three debuted Thursday night with the New York City auditions. Cat Deeley of course is back with hosting duties and general commentary with some of the more 'colorful' characters who turned out for the auditions. At the judging helm is Nigel Lithgowe, Mary Murphey(aaack) and Dan Karaty. Mia Michaels and Shane Sparks have also returned to help appraise dancers once the final cast has been set.

My first impression was that this seems to be the nicer, gentler SYTYCD. Nigel even stated emphatically that he would, "not be mean this year." BAH I say. Some of these people are extremely delusional with the notion they think they can dance. And even worse, we have people auditioning who claim to be instructors who are simply horrible.

Fox seems to be on a roll with returnees of previous auditionaires. One such gentlemen to return was 'SEX'. Yes simply 'SEX" who again thought he had the ability and talent and brooding mom to make it onto this years show. Let me just say this guy is an idiot!!! Amazing how delusional people are in their own minds. But I guess there would be no interest in reality TV if it wasn't for the whack jobs. I think his real name is David something or another. David you and your mom need to get a life and you should probably move out of her apartment.

Be sure to watch the two hour event this coming Wednesday, May 30 to see both the LA and Chicago auditions. Final casting eill be decided once all offeres have been given for the next round in Las Vegas.

TV Tim


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